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‘SightScribe’ Sight Reading App

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Like most contemporary guitarists I viewed learning to sight read music as an almost insurmountable challenge. For years I struggled to read even simple pieces with accuracy whilst friends playing other instruments seemed to breeze through their parts.

A lack of quality reading material for the guitar forced me to practise using whatever I could find, which was often less than ideal. Even when I did track down decent resources, these would rarely last more than a few sessions, after which I’d hit another brick wall. Numerous false starts later I realised the only way to solve my problem was to create a solution.

The Experiment

I began to compose 8 new bars of reading material every time I practised, performing these examples at gradually higher tempos each day. Purposely avoiding any particular ‘style’, my goal was to develop control of the mechanics of sight reading, promoting a flexible rhythmic and melodic understanding that could be applied to whatever was placed on the music stand.

The Result

Although this approach was untested, it seemed logical and I stuck with it, putting in 30 minutes of reading practice, 5 days per week. Thankfully the investment paid off as, within 3 months, my reading proficiency (as measured by Berklee College of Music) doubled. Excited by this progress I began to consider how my system might be optimised and shared, arriving at the idea that would eventually become SightScribe.

As you’ll see from the short video above, SightScribe’s Create feature and Regenerate button combine to provide learners and teachers with a groundbreaking educational tool, making an inexhaustible supply of bespoke rhythmic and melodic sight reading examples available to every user!

Try SightScribe on your iPad for FREE and use our short, video supported tutorials to quickly create the sight reading material you need.

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