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Pat Martino Lines – ‘Oleo’ (6)

Example 6 below concludes our study of Pat Martino’s ‘Live At Yoshi’s – Oleo’ solo with an expansive line containing a number of iconic jazz guitar phrases.

As per the previous 5 lessons, Martino’s distinctive ‘minor’ approach (detailed by his book ‘Linear Expressions’) is to the fore, with important jazz improvisation techniques including bebop scales and chromatic approach patterns present throughout.

Martino once again makes use of implied modulation to create an engaging ‘outside’ sound, this time imposing Eb Dorian over C minor accompaniment. Pay careful attention to his use of common tones (F at bar 9, C at bar 12), which bridge the gap between keys, smoothing the transition in each case.

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Pat Martino Lines - Oleo (6)