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Pat Martino Lines – ‘Oleo’ (3)

Building on lines 1 and 2, Ex3 introduces Pat Martino’s ‘outside’ playing, with his melody implying a harmony other than that of the band’s C minor accompaniment. Martino frequently includes such modulation (movement between keys) during solos as a device to add colour, shape and tension/resolution.

Along with suggested picking, I’ve marked the implied modulation at bars 6-8 of the transcription below. Pay close attention to Martino’s progression from the ‘A Shape’ of C minor to the ‘C Shape’ of Eb melodic minor. Note his use of pitches common to both keys at the outset and conclusion of this section – these common tones smooth the transition for the listener.

Finally, given this line covers over half of the fretboard’s physical range, remember that how I pass between positions differs slightly in comparison to Martino, so modify with slides if you want to emulate his technique exactly.

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Pat Martino Lines - Oleo (3)

Listen to the original recording here